Diabetic Diet – Get Your Blood Sugar Level Lower Rapidly – Part One

All diabetics need to start on a special diabetic diet that is geared towards consuming less sugar and carbohydrates. They must stay on this diet because if they get too much sugar in their body, it will cause the pancreas to start working harder to process the sugar into energy. The more sugar they consume, the harder their pancreas will work. The sugar will soon build up in their system because the pancreas will not be able to handle it all, which can lead to serious health problems.

Once the sugar is built up in your system for a long period of time, health problems can come up. The sugar will start by destroying your blood vessels. It will soon move on to much larger organs and can cause you to develop heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and vision problems. So in order to prevent this from happening and to help keep your body healthy, you need to find out how to effectively lower your blood sugar level.

One way to lower your blood sugar is to eat the spice cinnamon. It effectively lowers your blood sugar level by slowing down how fast your stomach processes the food you put in it. A good way to eat this would be to just sprinkle cinnamon on some oatmeal each morning. However, eating a Cinnabon cinnamon roll does not count.

Apple cider vinegar is additional way to lower the amount of sugar in your system. All it takes is to consume 2 tablespoons before each meal and before you go to sleep at night. Doctors suggest the vinegar lowers your sugar level by digesting the starch that is in your foods very slowly.

Water is another great way to lower your blood sugar level. The water dilutes the sugar that is in your blood which is then excreted from your system. The more water you drink, the better your sugar level will be.

The herb ginseng also helps. It is thought that it lowers your blood sugar level by increasing your insulin and sugar uptake in your cells and by slowing down your digestion of your food. The best way to take this would be as a cup of ginseng tea prior to eating your diabetic diet meals to ensure that your blood levels do not get too low.

Having a repeating exercising schedule can also keep you sugar level down. This technique works real fast in getting your blood sugar lower because of your body burns off the energy. Your body will first take the energy it needs from the extra sugar floating around in your blood.

Diabetics are faced everyday with trying to keep their blood sugar at a steady level by eating a diabetic diet although this can be very hard at times. There are always those occasions where we just can help ourselves and we have to cheat and eat sweets, like at Christmas time. By utilizing these 5 points mentioned, you can still cheat (rarely) and keep your blood sugar at a normal rate as possible.

Source by Delynda Lardone